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Prescription Medications For GERD Provide Fast Relief

Presciption medications provide fast relief if you are suffering from GERD. There is a class of prescription medications for GERD called promotility agents that are very effective in treating patients that suffer from a stomach that has a problem of emptying out in the desired manner. In other words, if your stomach empties out very slowly you would need to use promotility agents that will certainly speed up the rate of digestion and so prevents acid from remaining in the stomach for longer than is necessary. This means that you can prevent further acid reflux.

Improve Rate Of Digestion

Among the better promotility agents you can check out Raglan that is used to improve the rate of digestion and this is certainly one of those prescription medications for GERD that will provide much relief to a person suffering from GERD and also to those who have tried using H2 blockers as well as with Proton Pump Inhibitors or PPIs but have not been able to cure the symptoms of GERD through such means.

Proton Pump Inhibitors are also prescription medications for GERD that will prevent further release of stomach acid as well as intestinal acids. Doctors will prescribe this class of prescription medications for GERD when patients complain of GERD or stomach ulcers or even Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome (excess of stomach acid.)

Some of the better Proton Pump Inhibitors available on the market today include the likes of Aciphe and Nexium as too Prevacid. These prescription medications for GERD will work by decreasing acid in the stomach and so provides relief from GERD symptoms.

H2 blockers are another alternative class of prescription medications for GERD that work similarly to how PPIs work and they will in fact help in blocking histamines or H2s as they are also called and this will then lead to reduction in production of gastric acid. At one time this class of prescription medications for GERD was widely prescribed and used though after PPIs were developed their use has decreased.

There no doubts the fact that these different classes of prescription medications for GERD are very effective in treating GERD as they each help to promote better regulation of the digestive tract and this usually means that less unwanted acid is allowed to remain in the stomach and that of course means that chances of unwanted acid refluxing into the esophagus will be greatly reduced.

Most parents do not understand or even realize that infant GERD is a distinct possibility that can cause their newborns a lot of discomfort. Unfortunately, the symptoms of this form of GERD are often confused with those of normal spitting up of food and so the condition is not treated in time, which course means that severe complications can and will arise. It is therefore necessary that parents keep a close lookout for symptoms such as vomiting, when their child refuses to eat or who may even start to cough after having eaten some food.

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