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Heartburn Remedy During Pregnancy – Natural Heartburn Relief

Pregnancy Heartburn Relief

Finding a fast and effective heartburn remedy during pregnancy is very important to a lot of women, especially because that is what they want and need – heartburn relief. During these nine months, an expectant mother would experience a lot of changes in her body and not all of them are pleasant. Certainly, there is no need to go through the pain of heartburn on top of all the other physical and emotional issues that are very common during pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are many things a pregnant woman can do in order to treat and prevent heartburn. There are also natural herbal remedies for heartburn during pregnancy.

Dietary Changes and Eliminating Certain Foods

For the rest of the population, many over-the-counter medications can provide instant relief from the burning sensation of heartburn but for pregnant women, these medications are not recommended.

Instead, a great heartburn remedy during pregnancy would be to make some changes to your daily diet. Number one on your list should be the elimination of caffeine and alcohol. These substances are not healthy for all pregnant women in the first place, whether you are suffering from heartburn or not.

Other kinds of foods that may cause or aggravate heartburn are those that contain a lot of fats, spices and acids. For this reason, you may want to cut down on your intake of citrus fruits, tomatoes, fried foods and fast foods. The grease and acids in these foods will further encourage your stomach to produce more acids, greatly increasing the risk of heartburn. These foods may cause more harm but there are also some other foods that can serve as an excellent heartburn remedy during pregnancy, good examples are low-fat milk and yogurt, as well as other low-fat dairy products.

Lifestyle Changes For Heartburn Relief During Pregnancy

As soon as a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she will likely be making some changes to her lifestyle. No more late nights out, no more unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking, and so on. With all these changes, a couple more wouldn’t hurt, especially if they turn out to be a great heartburn remedy during pregnancy.

For example, if you are pregnant and are constantly suffering from heartburn, you can try modifying your sleeping position. Instead of lying flat on the bed, use a higher pillow for your head and upper body to raise them slightly. You should also start wearing loose and comfortable clothing especially around the midsection.

Finally, try to divide your meals into several small portions throughout the day instead of eating three large ones. By finding a good heartburn remedy during pregnancy, you can greatly reduce the risk of heartburn and be able to enjoy your pregnancy a lot more.

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