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Do Grains Affect Your Acid Reflux?

When you’re suffering with acid reflux, you might wonder if grains are good for your acid reflux, or will they cause you more pain and suffering? This is no surprise, since so many people who are working to ease their acid reflux are struggling with the food choices that they are making. Now, you have to wonder about everything to do with your acid reflux.

Your Healthy Diet

Now, you might already know that a healthy acid reflux diet is essential when working to ease your acid reflux, but you might discover that different people have different “trigger” foods and while some people find that they do just fine with certain foods, you may find that you do not.

That’s why in conjunction with working to avoid too many processed, fried or fast foods and embracing a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein such as boneless, skinless chicken and turkey and cutting back on smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, you should also be keeping a food journal so that you can discover what triggers your acid reflux symptoms and what helps them to go away or fight them off.

This will help you to cater a dietary plan that is both healthy and meets your needs when fighting acid reflux. You can and should incorporate the essentials such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein from organic meat and nuts as well as beans and whole grains which provide you with plenty of body healthy fiber and digest slowly.

Grains to Help You

You might be surprised to find that there are plenty of “good grains” that will help you to not only embrace a healthy diet, but also will help to ease your acid reflux symptoms. Foods made with healthy whole grains which are low in fat and baked are usually considered to be helpful when working to ease acid reflux symptoms.

For instance, whole grain cereals, bran, oatmeal and even whole grain bread can be helpful if you’re eating whole grain or multi-grain. All of these choices can actually help acid reflux symptoms by absorbing some of the excess acid that might be in your stomach.

You might also want to consider other whole grain foods such as whole grain rice, and whole grain crackers or whole grain pasta.

While you don’t want to eat too many of any type of grain, consuming them in moderation is not only good for your overall health and can actually help you to lose weight, but can help you to ease your acid reflux. As long as you’re careful in what you eat them with and take the time to make healthy choices, you might find that healthy grains are very helpful in easing your acid reflux symptoms.


  1. Gail Chodon says:

    I get severe acid reflux immediately from eating bread, especially white bread.

    • Hi Gail,

      White bread is so processed I am not surprised you suffer with acid reflux after eating it. White bread causes so many digestive problems. I believe it shouldn’t allowed to be sold!

      So do whole grains upset you too? I know it can for some people. I would be interested to hear what ones do. Thank you for commenting.

      • Hi,
        I thought I would respond. White bread and bisquits really cause me great pain to eat. However, whole grain breads and products do not. Interesting isn’t it.


        • White bread and biscuits cause me pain too Jane, whereas I can eat whole grains without a problem. Thank you for your comment!

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