Natural Heartburn Relief Remedies and Management

Common Prescription Heartburn Medication Options

Many health experts agree that prescription heartburn medication is still the best way to treat and prevent this digestive disorder, despite the controversies regarding side effects and high costs. There are dozens of prescription medications for heartburn relief that people can use these days, and this article will discuss the advantages associated with the most popular ones.

Medications for the Treatment and Prevention of Heartburn

When it comes to prescription heartburn medications, Zantac is undeniably one of the most familiar brands. It falls into the category of histamine-2 blockers, which are drugs that can lower the acid production in the stomach, reducing the risk of heartburn. Zantac is excellent not only for providing almost instant relief to heartburn pain, but also for preventing further occurrences of the disorder.

Zantac is most frequently prescribed to individuals who have stomach ulcers and various digestive disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

Another highly popular prescription heartburn medication is Tagamet. Like Zantac, it is also very effective both as a curative and preventive medication against heartburn and its many symptoms. It is a histamine H2-antagonist drug that can help heal stomach ulcers while minimizing the burning sensation that is typical of most heartburn cases.

When combined with other drugs, Tagamet can cause a rise in one’s blood pressure, along with other health complications. It is therefore very important to let your doctor know whether you are using any other medications or if you are suffering from other health conditions before asking them for a prescription heartburn medication.

Prescription Heartburn Medications During Pregnancy and For Breastfeeding Women

The use of prescription heartburn medication is generally not recommended as these drugs may not be the best to use as they contain substances that may cause harm to you and your unborn child. There are other medications that are safe for you to use, but make sure you discuss the options thoroughly with your doctor before starting on any treatment.

Of course, if you want to avoid all risks of side effects altogether, you can always use natural remedies to help you deal with heartburn symptoms during pregnancy.

Quite interestingly, the risk of suffering from heartburn and its painful symptoms is much higher when a woman is pregnant due to the increased pressure that the growing baby is putting on the stomach. In this case, all you can do is avoid eating very large meals and try to wear loose clothing as much as possible.

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