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Acid Indigestion Remedies

Acid Indigestion Natural Remedies

It can be hard to determine which particular acid indigestion remedies are the absolute best because each remedy produces different results for different people. So instead of relying on what other people say or recommend, it might actually be better to try several natural remedies for yourself and be your own judge as to what works for you and what doesn’t.

Popular Acid Indigestion Home Remedies

Acid Indigestion Home Remedies

Acid Indigestion Home Remedy

If you are looking for an acid indigestion home remedy that makes use of common ingredients that you already have around the house, you can take your pick from the following suggestions.

People use apple cider vinegar, mint essence, lime juice and herbal teas, just to name a few.

Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water is one remedy that is very helpful. A teaspoon on its own is wonderful, but you may not appreciate the neat vinegary taste. This is one of the best ingredients to keep in your cupboard for heartburn relief and acid indigestion pain.

Another of the most popular acid indigestion home remedies today is the drinking of mint essence. Millions of people attest to the effectiveness of this remedy but as mentioned, it may not necessarily have an effect on you.

If the mint essence doesn’t work, you can try making a few changes to your diet and the way you eat. You can reduce the size of your meal portions and increase frequency of eating. For example, you can eat 5 to 6 smaller meals a day instead of the usual three large ones. You should also make a habit out of chewing your food thoroughly before swallowing.

Increasing your consumption of dark green vegetables, fruits and whole grain products also helps cure acid indigestion.

Another popular acid indigestion home remedy is to drink one tablespoon of lime juice, either pure or mixed in with some water. This remedy works best for acid indigestion cases that have been triggered by drinking milk. Sometimes, if there is no available lime juice, a glass of warm water can work just as well. If your particular case of acid indigestion comes with a lot of intense burning feelings in your stomach, you can get rid of the pain by drinking herbal teas.

Heartburn and Acid Indigestion

Sometimes, people confuse acid indigestion with heartburn. These two conditions are different but it doesn’t really matter much because the remedies are practically the same.

Acid Indigestion Remedies

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  • In heartburn, the stomach acids rise back up in the esophagus and cause the burning sensations there.
  • Acid indigestion, on the other hand, is painful in the stomach area. Both conditions come with symptoms like frequent belching, upset stomachs and bloating.

Herbal Remedies

There are also herbal acid indigestion remedies that can help you find relief. Supplements such as DigestAssist or AcidFree Flux are natural acid indigestion remedies.

Whatever acid indigestiuon treatment you decide to use, whether it be a herbal remedy or home remedy, you can feel safe knowing that a natural solution is certainly the best choice for you to find relief.